What Happened To Crackstreams: CrackStream Alternatives

You must be experienced with track streams if you have been watching sports for free. It is one of the most popular and well-known websites for free sports streaming. But the crackstreams domain was taken down a few years ago because of violations of copyright.

However, as they say, there is always a way where there is a will. People are creative, which explains the number of mirrors and tunnels that replicate In the event that vpns are not available, users continue to use other options.

These websites are searched by users who root or jailbreak their Fire Sticks or Android TV boxes. The main reason for using crack streams and their replacements is their free nature, which also eliminates the need for registration.

So, are you trying to find anything comparable? Read this post to find out what happened with this platform.

How Did Crackstreams Get Away?

Viewers may watch a variety of athletic events, including NFL, NHL, NBA, and more, for free on websites like crack streaming. Additionally, they are not required to register or divulge any user data. These websites do not remain up forever, even if they could be available for free from almost anywhere in the globe.

These kinds of websites don’t show sports directly. For many sporting events, there are several third-party streaming sites available. The connections allow users to stream games that they like. However, it is illegal to share copyrighted information without the owner’s consent, which is why many websites fail.

The domain Crackstreams was removed.While there are a lot of mirrors and proxies available for tracking broadcasts, their lifespan is probably limited.

Are Crackstreams Legal and Safe?

In case you are utilizing crack streams on the Firestick, you may be uncertain about the platform’s legality. The reason for this is because makes no mention of it. Additionally, this platform’s application is not offered by reputable, well-known app shops like Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

It is reasonable to conclude that crack streams raise possible red flags for the reasons listed above. One explanation for this is that consumers’ internet behaviour is always being watched by the ISP and the government. Furthermore, they may trace back your IP Address.

Thus, make sure you make use of an approved VPN service if you are required to utilize these sites for streaming material. Use firewalls as well to shield your device from any viruses and infections.

How Do I Use My Firestick To Watch Crackstreams?

Sure, you can use your Firestick, Android, or iOS device to watch sports on Crack streams. You may stream it using a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other device of that kind. With an internet connection, you may access it as it is a browser-based platform. Chrome, Silk, Firefox, or any other browser can be used.

However, how can I utilize it on a Firestick? To begin with, you must download the Silk browser before utilizing it. Thus, we have divided the procedure into different sections.

To learn how to do it, follow the steps outlined below.

Get Silk Browser here.

Go to the Firestick Home Screen and select the Find menu item. After swiping down, select Search.

Seek out the Silk Browser. Click the browser when it appears beneath the virtual keyboard.

The Amazon Silk Web Browser is located beneath the Apps and Games area.

After selecting the “Download” option, watch as the browser installs and downloads the file.


  • A pop-up notification will appear in the bottom right corner. You may launch it straight away and leave it running.

Alternatives to CrackStream

Yes, luckily, there are more options than Crackstreams. Websites offering free sports streaming typically don’t last very long. The domains are taken down as soon as the original owner of the content they broadcast discovers it. But because there are substitutes like the ones listed below, consumers never run out of sources.

  1. Sports Surge

SportSurge is an excellent platform for watching racing, boxing, college football, and the NFL. It is the ideal substitute for Crackstreams. There aren’t many advertisements on the website, and navigating around the user interface is simple.

1.3 million visits every month

 Another URL is

 VPN Acceptable: Yes

  1. FuboTV

This is a premium substitute for Crackstreams. When it comes to a variety of sports streaming options, fuboTV is among the greatest substitutes for crackstreams. The platform is global in scope and offers three unique and varied programs. There are 107 international channels in each package, the majority of them are sports networks.

Monthly Visits: More than 850000

  1. Methstrams

Another excellent substitute for Crack streams is Meth Streams. Additionally, the portal offers third-party connections for the streaming of various sports events. There are many sites available for NBA, NFL, and NHL live streaming. Furthermore, MethStreams’ video is of excellent quality.

  1. First Row Sports

Baseball, ice hockey, boxing, tennis, motorcycling, basketball, and more sports are streamed by Firstrowsports. This site is renowned for having a wide selection of dependable streaming connections.

  1. WatchStream2Watch

One platform with an easy-to-use interface is Stream2Watch. Sports enthusiasts will be delighted by the variety of sports offered here.

In summary

Crack streams have a lot of different options. A few deserving mentions include Sportz TV, IPTV, and FuboTV. This portal provides users with access to all of the top sports streaming sites. Nearly all of these systems function in a similar way.

I hope you were able to locate the solution you were seeking. But feel free to use the comment box to let us know if you require any more assistance from us. I appreciate you taking the time to read.

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