Gathering Ingredients for Bánh Nếp

Before we start making our delicious Bánh Nếp we need to gather all the yummy ingredients. First we’ll need glutinous rice flour, skinned mung beans, dry shallots cooking oil, ground pork salt and black pepper powder. These ingredients will make our Bánh Nếp super tasty.

Don’t forget about the banana leaves. We’ll need them to wrap our Bánh Nếp before steaming. Make sure to ask a grown-up for help when gathering and handling the ingredients. Now that we have everything we need, let’s get cooking.

Soaking Skinned Mung Beans for Bánh Nếp

Now it’s time to prepare our skinned mung beans for the Bánh Nếp filling. First we’ll soak the mung beans in water for 2 to 4 hours. This helps them become soft and ready to cook. Remember patience is key when soaking the mung beans.

Once the mung beans are nice and soft we’ll boil them until they’re cooked through. This will make our Bánh Nếp filling extra delicious and full of flavor. Now that our mung beans are ready let’s move on to the next step of making our yummy Bánh Nếp.

Cooking Delicious Fillings for Bánh Nếp

Let’s make our Bánh Nếp fillings super tasty. In a pan we’ll sauté dry shallots with cooking oil until they’re golden brown and smell yummy. Then we’ll add ground pork salt and black pepper powder to the pan and cook until the pork is nice and brown. Don’t forget to stir everything together for the best flavor.

Next we’ll add our soaked and boiled skinned mung beans to the pan and mix everything together. This will create a delicious filling for our Bánh Nếp. Once everything is cooked through and smells amazing our fillings are ready to go. Let’s move on to the next step of making our Bánh Nếp.

Mixing Dough for Bánh Nếp

Now let’s make the dough for our Bánh Nếp. In a big bowl we’ll mix glutinous rice flour with water and a pinch of salt. Stir it all together until it forms a soft dough. This dough will be the yummy outer layer of our Bánh Nếp.

Remember to knead the dough well until it’s smooth and stretchy. This will make our Bánh Nếp nice and chewy. Once the dough is ready we can move on to the fun part – shaping and filling our Bánh Nếp.

Wrapping Bánh Nếp in Banana Leaves

Now that our dough and fillings are ready it’s time to wrap our Bánh Nếp in banana leaves. First we’ll cut the banana leaves into squares and rinse them clean. Then we’ll spoon some dough onto each leaf and spread it out into a thin layer. Next we’ll add a spoonful of our delicious fillings onto the dough.

Now comes the tricky part – folding the banana leaves to encase the fillings. We’ll carefully fold the leaves over the fillings to create little parcels. Make sure to fold them tightly so the fillings don’t fall out. Once all the Bánh Nếp are wrapped up they’re ready to be steamed to perfection.

Steaming Bánh Nếp to Perfection

It’s time to steam our Bánh Nếp until they’re perfectly cooked. We’ll place the wrapped parcels in a steamer basket and steam them over boiling water for about 30 minutes. As they steam the dough will cook and become soft and chewy while the fillings will become warm and delicious.

Make sure to keep an eye on the steamer to ensure the water doesn’t boil dry. Once our Bánh Nếp are cooked through and the banana leaves are soft they’re ready to be enjoyed. Let’s carefully remove them from the steamer and get ready to taste our yummy creation.

Decorating Bánh Nếp with Love

Now that our Bánh Nếp are cooked and ready it’s time to add some extra love and decorations. We can use colorful toppings like sesame seeds or shredded coconut to make our Bánh Nếp look even more beautiful. Get creative and have fun decorating.

Remember the most important thing is to enjoy making and eating out Bánh Nếp with friends and family. Let’s gather around the table and share this delicious treat together.

Enjoying Bánh Nếp with Friends and Family

Finally it’s time to enjoy our delicious Bánh Nếp with friends and family. Let’s gather around the table and share our yummy creation together. Don’t forget to take a big bite and savor the chewy texture and flavorful fillings of our Bánh Nếp.

Eating Bánh Nếp is not just about satisfying our tummies but also about spending quality time with the people we love. So let’s enjoy every bite and cherish these special moments together.

Learning About Vietnamese Culture Through Bánh Nếp

Did you know that Bánh Nếp is a traditional Vietnamese dish? By making and eating Bánh Nếp we can learn more about Vietnamese culture and traditions. It’s a delicious way to explore new flavors and learn about different cuisines from around the world.

Next time we make Bánh Nếp let’s take some time to learn more about Vietnam and its rich culinary heritage. Who knows we might discover even more yummy dishes to try.

Bánh Nếp: A Yummy Treat for Everyone

Bánh Nếp is not just a yummy treat but it’s also a special dish that brings people together. Whether we’re cooking it with our family or sharing it with friends, Bánh Nếp always brings smiles and happiness to everyone’s faces.

So let’s continue making and enjoying Bánh Nếp together creating special memories that will last a lifetime.

Share Your Bánh Nếp Adventure with Us

We would love to hear about your Bánh Nếp adventure. Did you try making it with your family? How did it turn out? Share your photos and stories with us in the comments below. Let’s spread the joy of Bánh Nếp together.


Bánh Nếp is a delicious Vietnamese dish that is fun and easy to make. By gathering ingredients, soaking skinned mung beans, cooking delicious fillings, mixing dough wrapping in banana leaves, steaming to perfection, decorating with love and enjoying it with friends and family we can create wonderful memories and learn more about Vietnamese culture. So let’s continue to explore new cuisines and share our love for food with the world.

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