Exploring Meditation And Yoga Teacher Training In Bali

Meditation and yoga teacher training – Do they actually have a connection? You must not forget that, meditation finds mention as one of the limbs of yoga, as mentioned by Patanjali. Precisely speaking, it is the seventh limb of yoga. The limbs that come before meditation is Pratyahara. It basically means drawing your awareness inwards, away from the clutter of the external world. And that is why, all yoga schools teach it as a part of the curriculum. If you want to delve into meditation or teach it, join the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. It is going to be an exhilarating experience.

Let us delve into the details relating meditation to yoga and vice versa. At the Yoga School in Bali, one can learn about these subjects in detail. 

Meditation Techniques That Relate To Yoga 

  • Pratyahara – It means observing yourself from inside. This is the fifth limb of yoga, which you will learn as a part of the yoga teacher training. It is an important part of Patanjali’s yoga sutras, which hold a lot of authority in the realm of yoga. Moreover, it is something that you can practice in a few minutes. Most yogis start their morning meditation with ‘Pratyahara’. It can be done with or without yoga poses. 
  • Dharana – It is best described as concentration as a way to focus. If you want to weave magic with yoga, then meditative ‘dharana’ is a must. There are various ways you can practice concentration. You can do it with mantras, with your breath, or with a flame, as in Trataka. The concentration of all of the above, can be better explained as Ekagrata. 

Daily Yoga And Meditation To Balance Yourself

In this fast-paced world today, mental and physical difficulties arise in the lives of individuals from time to time. These can have a huge impact on mental health and lead to decreased productivity, lack of focus in one’s daily life, and a lower level of unhappiness. Yoga and meditation together can bring balance into one’ life. You can head to Bali, to de-clutter your mind in the peaceful surroundings. The moment you enrol for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, a world full of opportunities will open up in front of you. 

Yoga is a peaceful physical practice that includes meditation, breathing technique, and contemplative practices. It also plays a very important role in reducing stress and clears anxiety, as well. Meditation can improve attention span, as it is a combination of looking inward and breathing. One of the popular meditation forms that you may learn as a part of the course in Bali, is Guided Imagery meditation. It works by connecting the mind with the body, bring a positive impact on one’s physical as well as emotional state. 

Additionally, one can also engage in mindfulness meditation practices, which can reduce physical symptoms like stomach upset and headaches. The school pays equal attention to physical as well as mental relaxation. 

Qualities Of An Effective Meditation Teacher

When you join the course at the most renowned Yoga School in Bali, you will learn things so different that will intrigue you from the first day itself. As a part of the learning process, students will also be able to adopt the skills that every meditation teacher must have, or must work on. You can learn about theoretical things from the scripts that the school shares with you. However, the teachers at the school are the real game-changers. 

Here are a few qualities, which you will emulate and inculcate within you while the training is on. 

Self-Reflection And Inner Work During Training

This is very important in the process of teaching yoga. It is something that leads to visceral awareness. It is like, peeling the layers of an onion. Most people think, on the basis of fundamental assumptions. These thoughts are generated due to one’s own experiences in life. You will learn how to utilize self-reflective questions during the yoga asana or meditation practice. This will help you to omit obsolete practices, and concentrate on what will be useful. The teachers will show you the basics, on which you will have to act on, as adult-learners. 

Overcoming Challenges And Obstacles

While undergoing the yoga teacher training course, there are going to be problems, as with everything in life. However, with the guidance of the teachers, you will learn to face them. The first question that a new teacher has in mind, is whether one can teach a pose, which he or she cannot demonstrate? Well! The answer is a bit ambiguous, but definitely not a straight ‘No’. You will learn how to handle difficult kriyas or poses, which you cannot perform yourself. It’s good to start with easy modified versions, for the demo. Slowly, guide the students through verbal cues to the difficult aspects. 

Cultivating Qualities Of Patience, Compassion, And Authenticity 

Patience is the key to all kinds of successes in life. The same applies to yoga. Always be patient with students in class. It is not necessary that everyone will be to your liking. So, eventually as a teacher, you have to deal with all sorts of students, in their own way. There will be beginners in class, intermediates, and professionals who visit for recreation. So, you have to develop the mentality to teach and understand each one’s psyche. And that is what the school, Bali Yoga Retreats teaches you at the school. 

Impact Of Training On Personal Practice And Life Outside The Studio

Yoga teacher training will empower you as a teacher, to develop your own practice outside the class. Slowly, you will observe your worldview expanding. It can also lead to personal growth, which is often regarded as a part of spiritual life. Consistency is the key to everything. You also need to constantly engage in meditation back home, to keep evolving as a teacher. 


So, you have a fair idea of how the training in Bali will impact your teaching skills in the area of meditation. You can also specialize further in the genre. Enrol yourself in this life-enhancing course and see the difference. 

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